Politico has an article out this morning that caught our eye:

Really? The GOP just won historic victories, well, EVERYWHERE, and Politico is already writing of GOP problems in 2016?

That had us thinking: Let’s go back to a year before this year’s “bloodbath” and see what Politico was writing about then, shall we?

The following is a selection of their biggest duds presented for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

GOP control of the House:

Oh really? Here’s the map of House seats now controlled by the GOP:


By “hammer,” the president really meant do nothing:



Latino vote:

Except the GOP increased its share of the Latino vote on Tuesday:

Harry Reid as the leader of the Dems:

Talking about lost minds, has anyone heard from Sen. Reid lately? We hope he’s OK.

And other Dem smart-takes:

Well, if you’re inside the bomb crater, it might look like the other guy is the one getting blown up.

Gerrymandering is bad for the GOP:

Or Dems will blame gerrymandering for their loses:

Dems have a tech advantage:

Except this wasn’t true either:

And let’s end it with this “brilliant” analysis from a White House insider:

You know what’s in that cereal box? Victories. Delicious, sugar-coated victories.