It’s to be expected that partisan groups will try to put the best spin possible on Tuesday’s stunning defeat for Democrats, but the latest from Media Matters is really a whole new level of stupid:

Here’s an excerpt:

So after six years of radical, blanketed reticence from the GOP, we’re still repeatedly reading in the New York Timesthat while Republicans have put up road blocks, if Obama would just try harder, Republicans might cooperate with him. You can almost hear the frustration seeping through the pages of the Times: ‘What is wrong with this guy?  Bipartisanship is so simple. Republicans say they want to work with the White House, so why doesn’t Obama just do it?’

Got that? The New York Times is being too easy on the GOP. That’s really what Media Matters wants you to believe, but Tweeters aren’t buying it:

Good question. Why is Media Matters so dishonest?

Exit question: Is there any other liberal group out there that agrees with Media Matters on this?


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