So it looks like the lame-duck session of the Obama presidency is off to a rocky start:

Oops. Here’s an excerpt from Kessler’s fact-check:

When making a claim like this, the president needs to get his statistics right. He is trying to say that Obamacare is responsible for the slowdown in health-care costs, without directly saying so. But he should acknowledge that although the overall trend is positive, the impact of his health-care law remains unclear. Uttering this claim without any caveats is going too far, even when making allowances for the fact he is speaking extemporaneously. The president earns Three Pinocchios.

And Tweeters have jumped all over the president’s latest fib:

You’d think the president might have learned that the reason the Dems suffered such a brutal smack down on Tuesday was that the American people are tired with half-truths, but it doesn’t look like it.