How bad is it for Senate Democrats with two days to go before the 2014 midterm elections? Bad. Really, really bad. So bad that we need the wonks from Vox to explain it to you:

OMG. So the “smartest thinkers” asking the “toughest questions” think a GOP landslide is possible?

More from Vox:

But the big-picture news for Democrats is even worse. According to several of the models, it now actually looks likelier that the GOP will end up with a net gain of 8 or more Senate seats — putting them at 53 or more seats in total — than that the Democrats will manage to hold on to the chamber.

Boom! Or not…

As this is Vox we’re talking about — the same guys who invented a bridge between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in an effort to explain the Israeli-Arab conflict — any prediction of a “landslide” could be wishful thinking.

In other words, “we’re boned.”

Or maybe conservatives will luck out and there is another explanation for this Vox piece:

Hacked. Yes, let’s go with hacked.


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