Oh, FFS. Do these morons really believe this?

Apparently so. An excerpt:

We do know, though, that satire resonates with millennials and that it has been an ongoing and effective source of critique for GOP messaging.  Satire has shown us that Republicans don’t get millennials or women or citizens of color, and that GOP candidates disparage science, homosexuals, and 47% of the population.  It’s worth remembering that Stewart used his first Texas show to remind viewers that Ebola panic was more about fear than about reason and then he went on to interview Davis in a segment that underscored that this election is all about turnout.  And that is the same message he was spreading four years ago on the National Mall. Will fear win? Or will sanity? So if millennials turn out this November, we’ll be thanking satire for its productive use of cynicism and its reasonable use of irony.

Good luck with this, libs. Now let’s take a gander at what others think:

And we’ll leave it with this:

A good question.


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