HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Check out this news:

Here’s an excerpt from the Los Angeles Times article linked to in the tweet:

California’s top health officer has ordered a 21-day home quarantine for all returning medical workers or travelers who have had contact with a confirmed case of Ebola in West Africa, and invoked the possibility of imprisonment and fines if the restrictions are disobeyed.

Prison time!

This comes at a time when libs are losing their minds over any quarantine. For example, here’s a conversation between Chris Hayes and Ta-Nehisi Coates from last night that includes the analogy that a temporary 21-day quarantine in your home with lost income repaid by the state is the same as WWII internment camps:

Really, guys? This one nurse is the slippery-slope to this?


Stay tuned for more hysteria from our prog pals as it looks like Ms. Hickox is headed to court today to challenge her quarantine in Maine.


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