Last night, Chris Hayes interviewed the Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders Sophie Delaunay to talk about Gov. Chris Christie and the quarantine of Ebola health worker Kaci Hickox.

And after the segment, Hayes tweeted out this summary of his chat with Delaunay:

Tweeters, however, quickly challenged the accuracy of what Hayes had just typed:

So, who is correct? Let’s go to the Doctors Without Borders website and see what they have to say:

At present, there are more than 3,200 MSF staff working on Ebola in West Africa. The total number of people who have worked in Ebola projects since MSF began its intervention last March is significantly higher. To date, 24 MSF staff have contracted Ebola and 13 have died. Ten have survived, and one, our colleague now in New York, is in treatment. Twenty-one of the 24 have been national staff, people who live in the country in which they were working (national staff make up the vast majority of MSF staff around the world). Three were international staff, or “expats.”Hayes then replied:

Ok, Chris. You have some explaining to do:

And Hayes later tweeted out this clarification:

So we’re supposed to feel safer knowing that of the 24 Doctors Without Borders staffers who have contracted Ebola, 21 of them got it when they were not under supervision at work?

If anything, Hayes just made the case for a quarantine, not against it.


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