Ron Fournier, reporter for National Journal, has earned our praise on these pages of late as a voice of reason in the ongoing national debate on Ebola, which is why this tweet of his took us by surprise:

That’s right — The 21-day quarantine of aid worker Kaci Hickox, who just arrived in Newark, NJ after treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, is now the same as WWII internment camps.

Fournier’s readers blasted him for the analogy:

We agree. But Fournier didn’t back down:

And this is probably the most important response to highlight:

Yep. Illinois has a quarantine, too, as well as Connecticut. Via the New York Times:

On Saturday, in a sign of growing concern about the virus, Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois, the home of O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, began a quarantine program similar to the one in place in New York and New Jersey. Connecticut, which enacted a similar policy on Oct. 7, has quarantined nine people who have so far showed no symptoms.

Got that, Ron? Connecticut’s Democratic governor has been quarantining Ebola aid workers since October 7 and nobody has said a thing. But Christie does it and all of a sudden it’s like an internment camp?


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