Begun the war on candy has. For real. Here’s the latest from the Washington Post:

An excerpt:

No one wants a world without candy — a world without candy is no world at all. But advocates say something has to give in the battle between health and choice. And the fate of the growing U.S. candy industry, which went from $25.8 billion in sales in 2003 to almost $34 billion last year, may tell us something about where America is headed in terms of health, regulations and the freedom to choose whatever we want to eat whenever we want to eat it.

Really? “The freedom to choose” what we eat is at risk? Sheesh!

And Tweeters are unloading on the Post right now, with good reason:

A candy czar! LOLOLOL. Michelle Obama will take that job, no doubt. More:

Really, really unbelievable that this is being considered but it’s not shocking. This is the way liberals actually think. They will make you in their image, whether you want it or not.