One of the recurring themes with Ebola coverage is an incredible condescension from the media as to the risk of Ebola to regular folks. Vox’s Sarah Kilff, for example, posted this after New York City confirmed its first case of Ebola last night:

Yes, we’re told that there’s a good chance we won’t get Ebola, but that’s not what we see on television from health professionals. We see the the NYC Health Department closing down the bowling alley that Dr. Spencer visited. We see EMT’s carrying Dr. Spencer out of his apartment dressed in full hazmat gear. What we see doesn’t match up with what they are saying, and they are blaming us for reacting.

National Journal’s Ron Fournier is one of the few who does gets it. This is what he tweeted this morning:

That’s 100% right. Now, if only the MSM would listen. This brings us to local NY1’s Errol Louis who offered this inane advice on how not to get Ebola:

Really? You’re telling people not to do this?

Tweeters were quick to make jokes about it, of course:

You can watch the whole video here and do note Louis’s sneering tone. No wonder people hate the media.


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