As Twitchy reported last night, there was yet another fence jumper at the White House but this time U.S. Secret Service agents were ready for him … well, kind of. It looks like White House security has literally “gone to the dogs”:

Why don’t they teach the dogs to bite an intruder in the groin? Seems like that would be the most effective. Anyway, Barack Obama’s best friends — officers Hurricane and Jordan — suffered minor injuries taking down the intruder, but after a quick trip to the vet, they have been “cleared for duty”:

Good news. And this made us laugh:

Yep. Maybe we should make Hurricane and Jordan co-czars of White House security?

Tweeters were quick to express their anger at the jumper, too. Not because he hopped the fence, but because he attacked the dogs. Some examples:

Finally, here’s a little more info about the jumper — Dominic Adesanya of Bel Air, Md. — who shall we say might be few cards short of a full deck. First up, here’s a pic of our intruder…

…who was a high-school track star and an “American Slave,” whatever that means:

Bonus. He’s a Rothschild nutter, too…

And according to the Daily Mail, this is the second time he’s been arrested at the White House. Catch and release at the border, and in our nation’s capital?


Here we go again: Man reportedly detained after jumping WH fence, punching dog