This year’s most controversial Halloween costume looks to be the Ebola hazmat suit, with at least one company selling a version online dubbed “the most ‘viral’ costume” of the year:

But is this too soon? Here’s the mixed reaction from Tweeters:

Too soon or not, there will be Ebola costumes this year, both commercially sold and homemade. And here are a few of the ones we’re seeing already:

For the frugally-minded, however, these ideas make sense. Re-purpose last year’s “Breaking Bad” costume into an Ebola hazmat suit:

But, of course, there are the lazy people out there who will simply wear a nurse’s outfit and call it Ebola-specific:

Sheesh. If you’re going to callously mock and ridicule a dangerous diseases costing American taxpayers millions of dollars, at least show a little creativity!

We’ll end it with this:

Yes, that is the scariest.


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