Oh, my. If you didn’t think trust in government could get any worse, think again.

Check out the statement put out by Carnival Cruise Lines from earlier today that states the CDC told Carnival on October 15 that one of their ships was carrying a health care worker from Dallas who had been possibly exposed to Ebola:

But if the date above is indeed accurate, why didn’t CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden or any of the other government officials who testified during yesterday’s Congressional hearing think to bring it up?

Over to you, Dr. Frieden. Any answer?

Also, here is Carnival’s policy on Ebola from their website:


From the looks of it, she never should have gotten on that boat.

These users nail the problem:

At this point, somebody should ask Dr. Frieden if there is any health worker in Dallas who treated Duncan that didn’t travel someplace. What’s with these people?

Oh, and this problem only gets worse from here:

And all the crew. And all the people she might have interacted with on a shore excursion. Etc., etc., etc.


WTF? Texas health worker who handled Ebola samples in quarantine on Carnival cruise ship in Belize