ICYMI, last night’s debate between Republican Governor Rick Scott and (now) Democrat Charlie Crist got off to rocky start when Scott refused to take the stage because there was a small fan (prohibited by debate rules) at the bottom of Crist’s lectern.

Here’s Miami Herald reporter Marc Caputo’s live reaction to the controversy, quickly dubbed #Fangate on Twitter:

Reaction from Twitter was swift, and the mocking of Scott and his refusal debate began immediately:

The Florida GOP did tweet out this hilarious link to a Buzzfeed piece that has photos of Charlie Crist and his fan at different events…

…but the damage might have already been done to Scott when he decided to make an issue of the fan to begin with:

Worse for the Scott campaign, #Fangate isn’t slowing down and is even trending nationally this morning as we write this post, with the Crist campaign now using #Fangate and its popularity to hammer away at Scott:

There have been some pretty funny responses from anti-Crist users, though. For example, that is Charlie Crist on the left. For real:

And the Twitter account “Charlie Crist’s Fan,” that has been around for years, enjoyed getting so much attention last night:

The next debate will be on October 21 and moderated by CNN’s Jake Tapper. Will #Fangate come up? Sounds likely:

Until then, try to stay cool.