Yes, these tweets directed at Stacey Dash are SICK, but we’ve come to expect that from liberals. Here’s the latest that has them so pissed, this time angry that Stacey Dash used “plantation mentality” in a sentence:

And here’s the video:

One, notice that Media Matters doesn’t actually write why they think Stacey is wrong; they’ve just posted the video with “plantation mentality” in the headline. And two, she’s really not saying anything that crazy, especially when you realize she’s discussing this ad from African-American State Senator Elbert Guillory where Guillory hammers Sen. Mary Landrieu for ignoring African-American voters in the state. More from Guillory:


But, alas, this is how libs treat an African-American woman who dares to speak her mind. Sick, sick, sick:

But the winner has to be spelling-champ @rodj1914:

It’s Stacey, not “Stacy.” Sheesh.


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