Is President Obama starting to lose even his top cheerleaders in the MSM? Could be. Here’s Eugene Robinson who in his WaPost column today pulls no punches in his criticism of President Obama’s strategy against ISIS in Syria and Iraq:

“No shock and no awe.” That’s going to leave a mark.

Robinson’s opener.

It’s not too soon to state the obvious: At this point, the war against the Islamic State can be seen only as failing.

Ouch. But is Robinson expecting too much too soon from the president? This is fair criticism:

Robinson has a counter-argument for this however, and writes that he has no faith in the success of Obama’s stated mission:

But patience is justified only if there is a reasonable expectation that the myriad political obstacles barring the path toward success can be overcome. I’m not sure whether the president and his aides are guilty of optimism or self-delusion.

Or maybe President Obama is guilty of both optimism and self-delusion?

So, what would a President Robinson do differently?

Robinson offers no solution in his piece, silly. He’s here just to ask questions. Like this one:

So tell me again: What, exactly, do we think our bombs are accomplishing?

And this reader of Robinson’s might actually have the best answer:

Salve and awe, to make Americans feel better.