Not only is Vox making a “BS” “straw man” argument, but they’re doing so with a close to 400 word explainer from Max Fisher on how just “one tweet” is the “perfect response” to Bill Maher and his alleged Islamophobia:

Let’s see if we can summarize Vox’s point in far fewer than 400 words, shall we? Here goes:

“If Muslims are so violent, how come they won all these Nobel Peace Prizes? Boom!”

How’s that? Now let’s take a look at the single tweet that Vox considers a “perfect response”:

Get it? Tell “people who say all Muslims are violent” about all these Nobel Peace Prizes! Case closed. Argument won. Debate over.

But not really.

First off, Both Fisher at Vox and @ladyliberty have created a straw-man argument that Maher (and people who agree with him) claimed that “All Muslims are violent.” He never said anything of the sort:

That’s a great question. This certainly reads like a “willful misunderstanding” on Fisher’s part as this entire piece is based on something Maher never, ever said or argued:

And secondly, when you review the bios of the winners — 2014 Malala Yousafzai; 2011 Tawakel Karman; 2006 Muhammad Yunus; 2004 Mohamed El Baradei; and 2003 Shirin Ebad — you’ll see that Yousafzai, Karman and Ebad won their Nobels because of their fights to promote women, children and broader human rights in their home, Muslim countries. And El Baradei won his Nobel, at least in part, for his work to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. In other words, they won their Nobels because of everything that Bill Maher said about Islam:

Fisher is now tweeting out a few of the “200” or so angry emails he’s gotten because of this piece in an effort to paint those who agree with Maher as the real crazies:

That’s cute, but he’s still missing the point. So let’s give Vox and Fisher our one-tweet, perfect response to their straw-man attack:

If Max Fisher is right and Bill Maher is wrong, Vox shouldn’t have any issue with putting a video of a burning Koran on their website, no?


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