This is a pretty informative interview from Fox News with former George W. Bush-era Surgeon General Richard Carmona where he suggests that a travel ban to countries affected by Ebola should be “on the table.” Video here:

And before you say that Carmona’s view should be dismissed because of his ties to President Bush, note that Carmona turned into a vocal Bush-critic after his tenure as Surgeon General and he made an unsuccessful Senate run in Arizona as a Democrat.

Carmona does agree with the lib talking point that we are being hurt right now because the Surgeon General position in the cabinet remains vacant. For example, here’s the uber-liberal Think Progress arguing for the need to fill the Surgeon General position and using Richard Carmona’s leadership during bird-flu as an example of what’s needed.

But Carmona is no fan of President Obama’s nominee Dr. Vivek Murthy who he thinks isn’t qualified for the job:

Let’s see how fast Dems and libs distance themselves from Carmona now that he dares question the president.


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