The president was in Los Angeles yesterday speaking to entrepreneurs at Cross Campus, a “collaborative” shared office facility, where he was offered his first post-presidential job opportunity. Via the AP:

Obama was answering questions Thursday from young entrepreneurs at the office facility Cross Campus when one go-getter, Ariel Jalali, pitched his startup Sensay, a mobile app corporation.

“The question is really more in the form of an offer,” he said. “I wanted to get a jump on the competition in offering you your next gig. It’s super rewarding. You get to help people.”

Obama asked with a laugh, “You’re offering me a job?”

“That’s right,” Jalali said.

The president also liked the idea of working while “wearing sweatpants and a baseball cap,” but then joked about the “perks” of the job:

Get it? The company’s name is Sensay, which is a play on the Japanese word “sensei.” Why wouldn’t they have a sushi bar? Oh, and we know how much the president likes a job where he can wear a baseball hat:


But if the company can afford a sushi bar, it most certainly can afford health insurance for its employees, no? Or maybe President Obama is…

Yep. “Out of touch” it is. Here’s how the president asked for his “perk”:

What’s with the phrase, “Do you have, like, a sushi bar?” Just because the president is speaking at a location known as #SiliconBeach, doesn’t mean he has to speak like a surfer. Sheesh.

But does the president really need sushi?

This is referring to the now infamous incident of President Obama going to the top sushi restaurant in Japan and then not finishing his very expensive meal:

Oh, well. The entire point of showing up at Cross Campus anyway was to give the president a reason to travel to California and, as Twitchy reported, entertain mega donors at Gwyneth Paltrow’s house.

And he got to look and sound hip while doing it. Mission accomplished, Mr. President: