When libs say it’s the conservatives who are anti-science, please point them to this insane theory from comedian Louis C.K. on the origin of life on Earth, as well as his plan for humans to survive all of the damage we’ve done to the planet:

Listen, he’s a comic — we get that. But he’s also been held up by those on the Left as some sort of take-no-prisoners voice of reason on global warming and the environment. For example, here is high praise from Think Progress Green:

There are two ways to respond to the Evangelicals who don’t seem to support climate action.

There is the calm and rational way — see our recent post, “Evangelical Scientists Issue Faith-Based Call For Congress To Address Climate Change.”

And then there is the way of the current king of standup comedy, Louis C. K. (animated byJRoneyMedia):

High praise is probably the accurate term as many are suggested on Twitter that C.K. must be stoned or drunk as an explanation for his kooky mission-to-mars plan:

Or maybe it’s time for C.K. to seek help:

Yes, mate. Get some rest as we have no clue what you mean,  Are you trying to be funny? Deep? Smart? Whatever it is, we’re just not seeing it.