There are multiple reports out this morning of coalition aircraft hitting ISIS targets in and around the Kurdish town of Kobani, located on the Syria-Turkey border:

And this news, if it pans out, is a potential gamechanger: Turkey’s President Erdogan has reportedly called for the use of ground troops to battle back ISIS:

Note: Twitchy reported last week that Turkey had pledged to defend Kobani, but their involvement didn’t stop ISIS from actually capturing parts of Kobani.

Keep in mind there are no reports of Turkey’s army entering the battle yet which leaves the question, is President Obama’s strategy of air strikes only enough to prevent a “massacre”?

Maybe President Obama should have listened to his generals after all.

And it’s not like President Obama wasn’t warned about this latest threat. Here are tweets from last week warning of just what’s happening now in Kobani:

Although maybe there is some good news on the horizon:

We hope so.


Turkey joins the fight against ISIS to defend Kobani? [photos] 

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