Was it just one year ago today that Obamacare and its badly designed website, HealthCare.gov, were born and thrust upon America? Yes it has.

And as we debate its flaws, let’s take a look at what Twitter was saying on day-one. First up, remember this lie? It’s so popular and that’s why the website isn’t working:

Or how about that “transparency” from the Obama administrations we’ve grown to love?

Or how the media was totally unbiased that day?

And even future national security reporter for The Huffington Post and former NFL star Donte’ Stallworth weighed in:

Some saw the writing on the wall, however:

And these tweets were eerily prescient:

Finally, let’s remember who was 100 percent accurate that day:

Again, happy anniversary Obamacare, but to be honest, let’s hope they’re aren’t many more.



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