Congratulations, indeed. But is the GOP using the birth of “America’s royal baby” to attack Hillary? Here’s Sarah Reese Jones of Politics USA making that exact argument.

But support of her claim is slim, as the only example she presents of an “attack” is this one joke from David Frum:

Jones goes on to spin what Frum wrote above into:

Frum is suggesting that Chelsea Clinton had her baby for political gain.

No. That’s not what Frum wrote. At. All.

Is the Left so humorless that they consider a joke to be an “attack”? That was a rhetorical question — of course they’re this humorless!

And we must have missed the memo where exactly one tweet from David Frum is now a indicator of the entire Republican party.

Jones might have missed this one, too. Saturday Night Live made basically the same joke as Frum during its “News” segment:

Saturday Night Live, now brought to you by the Koch Brothers and the GOP?

More jokes about the Clinton baby that Jones were certainly find offensive.

Well, maybe this one is a little much, but it is the New York Post:

And hey, look at this. Here’s an often attacked conservative going after the New York Post cover:

Over to you, Ms. Jones.


Chelsea Clinton announces birth of daughter Charlotte