Democrat Senate hopeful Bruce Braley of Iowa debuted a unique strategy in last night’s debate against his Republican opponent Joni Ernst. He’s telling voters that he doesn’t “identify with” Hillary Clinton as a candidate for president, but as Joel Gerhke from National Review noted, that didn’t stop Braley from having Hillary campaign for him:

An excerpt:

Representative Bruce Braley (D., Iowa), refused to “identify with” Hillary Clinton during a debate with Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst, less than two weeks after Clinton campaigned on his behalf.

“I think that the field hasn’t even shaped up yet, so I don’t even know how you could identify the candidate,” Braley said Sunday evening. “I think one of the things that we want is a candidate to bring us together.”

That comment came after the debate moderator asked ”which of the potential 2016 president candidates do you most identify with.”

One way that Braley could have known how to identify a 2016 candidate: Hillary Clinton visited Iowa, alluded to her potential presidential bid, and told voters to support Braley.

Summary: He only identifies with Hillary if she’s helping him raise money.

And as Twitchy reported on Saturday, this Hillary flub is only the latest in a string of missteps that has Ernst up in the polls:

More highlights from last night’s debate:


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