As Twitchy noted last week, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has been in a war of words with Sean Davis of The Federalist regarding a number of “quotes/anecdotes” used by Dr. Tyson that cannot be verified or sourced. The most egregious of these errors was a quote that Dr. Tyson had used numerous times in the past to smear President George W. Bush:

Fast-forward to this morning (but not too fast because we don’t want to cause any paradoxes in the timeline) where Dr. Tyson took to his Facebook page and basically admitted he messed up the quote:

And no, Dr. Tyson’s admission really isn’t good enough as he doesn’t address or apologize for all the times he used the quote in error to make President Bush sound stupid:

This is actually far from over and we’ll see what happens next week as The Federalist is in a battle with Wikipedia over a now admitted (we think) major error by Dr. Tyson. Stay tuned.


Sean Davis: Wikipedia’s scrubbing of Neil deGrasse Tyson controversy ‘would make China proud’

Update (7:50):

From Mollie Hemingway:

The conclusion:

I couldn’t be more disappointed at his continued defensiveness and excuse-making. And the media should know that Sean’s initial — even casual — look into just a few claims made by Tyson is not exhaustive by a long shot. They happened to simply be the first few things he looked into. If they don’t dig further and instead dig in, that’s telling as well.


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