This is a developing story. From The Crimson White:

University of Alabama police responded to rumors of armed gunmen at Tutwiler Hall Sunday after an anonymous threat was posted online. No gunmen or weapons were found after police conducted a search of the building.

Police established a perimeter around Tutwiler following the threat and did not allow students in or out until the search was completed. Police also patrolled sidewalks along Magnolia Drive, telling sorority members to stay inside their houses.

“There’s a lot going on out here right now,” said an unidentified UAPD officer.

Following the search, University Spokesperson Shane Dorrill said the situation was under control and students were allowed back into Tutwiler.

And here is the text of the threat as it appeared online against non-minority students:

“Ladies and gentleman. The day of retribution is getting nearer and nearer. Do not be found wanting. I have seen minorities suffer at the hands of those who think they are superior. This is my first message and I shall not say much. Take this the way you want; as a threat or whatever. All I know is that it will be a day when all that look at minorities with discussed shall remember. After this day, you shall appreciate every minority who walks on that campus. Friday the 20th of September was Miss Sorority Row. My mercy kept all of you alive because it was not yet the day of retribution. Do you want to know how it feels having a TAR-21 passing right through your flesh. I’ll be watching all frat parties and monitoring all of your events. The day is near. Be vigilant.”

Scary stuff. Users have taken to social media to spread word of the threat and offers thoughts and prayers for the students and university community:

Here’s hoping — and #PrayingForBama — that the police can find the poster of these comments as soon as possible.