Here’s is an updated version of the events covered in this post:

An excerpt:

Three people were arrested during protests near the Ferguson Police Department on Saturday afternoon after a protester claimed he was bumped by a passing vehicle, police said.

About 35 people were protesting at 2:16 p.m. on South Florissant Road about a block from the police department when a protester claimed he had been bumped by a vehicle, according to Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson. No one reported any injuries, but the driver was arrested along with a protester who damaged the man’s car. A third man was taken into custody when he ignored police orders to get out of the roadway.

This is a much different story than the one conveyed by this tweet we posted earlier:

Ms. Nadal later tweeted:

Yes, “temper r high.” Maybe because protesters are making wild accusations that don’t fit the facts?