“Falling apart” because of body cameras and 911 transcripts:

An excerpt:

An LAPD official said Parker had responded to a call reporting lewd acts. The official told us the exact dispatcher comments of the citizen’s report were that a white man and a black woman in floral shorts were . . .

. . .having sex in the vehicle with door open.

This was about 3:01 p.m. Thursday in the 11900 block of Ventura Boulevard in North Hollywood. Watts’ camp said she had just taken a meeting at the adjacent CBS studios lot and was making out with Lucas before officers arrived.

Over the weekend Watts, who appeared in Django Unchained and on Showtime’s Weeds, and her boyfriend Lucas, a self-proclaimed “rawk star chef,” took to social media to accuse the LAPD of conducting a racist stop.

But Parker defended himself yesterday on KFI AM 640 radio’s John and Ken show.

He said the caller, located by police, reiterated that the pair were allegedly having full-on sex in a car, and that one of them wiped off with a tissue afterward and threw that tissue on the ground.

The audio, ostensibly taken from one of the department’s new body cameras, doesn’t support any of what Lucas alleged—that the two were suspected of being customer and prostitute.

And “falling apart” because pictures have surfaced of the two having sex?


Oh, we eagerly await a full and complete investigation of Ms. Watts’ racism complaint.


‘Django Unchained’ actress Daniele Watts cries racism, cops say indecent exposure