Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the militarized-mammals of war!

From the article:

Russia has formally acknowledged that it has conscripted Ukraine’s ‘spy dolphins’ which means they could now be used in underwater naval operations against the West.

The specially trained mammals were seized when Russia annexed Crimea in March, and now Moscow has officially ruled out handing them back.

The combat dolphins are trained for military duties at the Crimean State Oceanarium, which was inherited by Ukraine when the Soviet Union collapsed 23 years ago.

Acting Sevastopol governor governor Sergei Menyailo said: ‘The jurisdiction over this facility has been fully transferred to the Russian Defense Ministry.’

We wonder if the dolphins speak Ukrainian or Russian? Is there a way to know precisely if the mammals favor the EU vs Russia?

And here’s hoping the Russians keep better control of their aquatic war-mammals than they do of their advanced anti-aircraft missiles.