We know feminists aren’t fans of the Miss America pageant, but check out the comments thrown at these young women from people of all walks of life during the contest’s question-and-answer segment. (Summaries of their answers here.)

Miss Virginia was asked about ISIS and she suggested a more robust UN effort:

Miss Florida, with the easiest question of the night, on Ray Rice:

Miss Arkansas was asked about guns and children:

Miss Massachusetts was asked about rape at college and her answer involved education programs to encourage “safe drinking” on campus. (Of note, it looks like Miss Massachusetts received the most criticism of the night. Not just snark, but outright hate.)

And the ultimate winner, Miss New York, was asked about what issues should be important to women Senators and she answered rape in the military:

It’s not easy answering these questions and all in all, these were decent answers.

The biggest blooper of the night, however, goes to the man or woman at ABC in charge of graphics. It’s “Jane Austen,” not “Jane Austin.”



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