A keen observation from Jonathan Martin of the New York Times:

But Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic suggests that “Reluctant Warrior” has already been taken. Too bad, Jeffrey. Call a lawyer:

Maybe this fixes it and avoids costly trademark litigation?

Or this?

Although, here’s a suggestion for better title, via Obama green-jobs czar and uber-liberal Van Jones and his commentary on the president’s address to the nation on ISIL:

He’s gone and turned tonight from being that reluctant warrior to being an actual warrior against ISIS.

“Reluctant Warrior to Actual Warrior.” Catchy.

At this pace, eventually the title of the book will become, “Obama: The Super, Really-Reluctant Warrior Who is Now Like a One-Man SEAL Team 6.”

Exit question: Does the Warrior-in-Chief have to give back his Nobel Peace Prize?



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