Hilarious. And as if on cue, here comes the “nudity is the highest form of feminism” argument, via Joan Smith’s latest at The Guardian, “Posing naked is one of the ultimate feminist acts”:

An excerpt:

Amid this cacophony of critical voices, one reaction to the theft of “nude pics” – the tabloid shorthand makes them sound so much worse, doesn’t it? – has been to ask why any woman would pose naked. The implication is that the singers and actors concerned have “asked for it” if the pictures are stolen, which is as fine a piece of victim-blaming as I’ve heard in a long time. Apparently, the punishment for “vanity” is publication, and some newspapers that didn’t publish the stolen photographs offered a handy guide to where on the internet they had appeared.

Oh, please. If you want to pose nekkid, pose nekkid. And as for “some newspapers” that provided a “handy guide” on how to view the pictures, et tu Guardian?

With links, no less:

Images of more than 100 well-known actors, singers and celebrities, including what appear to be nude photos and videos, may have been exposed by a hacker in a major breach of privacy.

On Sunday a user on the 4chan website posted a list of mostly female actors and public figures, including Jennifer Lawrence, Avril Lavigne, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Kirsten Dunst, Aubrey Plaza and Winona Ryder, of whom they claim to have explicit photographs or videos.

A number of photos from some celebrities, including Hunger Games star Lawrence, have since been circulating on file-sharing and photo sites. 4chanquickly removed the posts from their site but screenshots of the list by one of the posters has a list of more than 60 names of celebrities who are alleged to have been hacked.

The release of the images has drawn varying responses from the celebrities, with some conceding they are real photos and others denying their veracity.

Buzzfeed reported that the user had also posted images of his desktop, one of which appeared to be an image of Jennifer Lawrence.

Which brings us to stage four of the scandal: commercialism. The Guardian is profiting from the nudes, and from the outrage at publishing the news. When will their feminists writers take a stand?

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