Tough talk there, Geraldo. Maybe you should re-read the Eighth Amendment, however, before sharpening your sword.

But, to be fair to Geraldo, he is consistent with his interpretation of the Constitution. Consistently wrong.

Just last week he called the Second Amendment “blind and stupid” (again) when discussing the tragedy at the Arizona gun range, and now he’s pro-beheading?

Are we to assume then that he thinks the Eighth Amendment that prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment” (i.e., behadings) is “blind and stupid,” too. Who knows with him. Back in 2009, Geraldo was all for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed facing justice in a civilian court in New York City. Maybe Geraldo can explain to us how he determines who gets a jury trial and who gets the blade, because we can’t figure it out.

Geraldo later tweeted that the U.S. should declare war on ISIS:

This is the same Geraldo who last month chastised Israel for its war with Hamas:

Does our ISIS war come with the same conditions that Geraldo placed on Israel? Or does Geraldo not realize ISIS has embedded itself in civilian areas, just like Hamas?

We eagerly await more details from Geraldo. Will he call for nuclear weapons against ISIS or grant them Geneva Prisoner of War status? It’s a mystery.


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