It’s one thing to see an anti-Israel tweet like the one above that attempts to compare Israel to ISIS and quite another to see the same nonsense in a major Israeli newspaper Stay classy, Haaretz:

An excerpt:

Netanyahu’s Jewish state must stop itself from becoming like ISIS

True, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Jewish state is not identical to the Islamic State (formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), but there is a connection between them, and it has concrete effects. It may be possible to form a regional alliance against messianic racism, but an Israel that moves away from Einstein, metaphorically and in practice, and imprisons itself in a racist educational ghetto sacrifices not only its children’s souls but also the ability to be an influential player in the region. A player that, were it not for its enslavement to racism and the occupation, could have been a partner to the creation of new regional borders, playing a stabilizing role against the extremists.

Not identical puts it mildly. And does anybody actually believe what’s in this op-ed?

For example. . .

or this . .

and this . .

“FFS” about sums it up.