2020 has struck again, this time in the form of an invasive species known as the hammerhead worm, a nearly foot-long invertebrate that produces a toxin similar to that of a puffer fish that it shoots out of its mouth:

From CNN:

The snake-like worm, which can grow up to nearly a foot in length, gets its name due to its half-moon-shaped head. The mouths of hammerhead worms are located midway down the bottom surface of their bodies rather than on their heads, Murphy says.

The worms are carnivorous and feed primarily on earthworms, according to Murphy. However, they are also known to “prey on other soil dwelling invertebrates,” Murphy said.

The worms produce tetrodotoxin, the same deadly neurotoxin produced by pufferfish, according to a study from Utah State University.

2020 — can’t stop, won’t stop:

Georgia, the universe is not done with you yet:

And we really haven’t even gotten started yet on the Senate runoff elections:

Nope, sorry. The state is here to stay:


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