We keep hearing how important print journalism is, right? But what’s not said by people say on CNN is how much CNN has contributed to death of newspapers. If you have cable, they stick CNN in your bundle and you HAVE to pay for it. Newspapers? They don’t have that built in revenue stream and they’re suffering.

So, today White House staff tried to move CNN from the front of the room to the back of the room and give the print pooler a view from the front. We don’t care WHY the White House did this, but we are curious why the White House Correspondents’ Association, which assigns the seats, gives the best seats to the TV folks and not the newspaper people in the first place? What’s up with that?

Every newspaper should get a front row seat and get all of the questions. They are the real journalists after all and not the infotainment people we see every night:

They are like children. Why not rotate the seats?

The pooler who the White House wanted in the front row was Chris Johnson, who writes for the LGBT focused Washington Blade:

Yesterday, Johnson complained that he didn’t even get a questions. Well, take the front row seat next time:

In the end, the White House caved but the briefing ended with no questions: