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Merrick Garland channels SNL's sleazy lawyer Nathan Thurm in his 60 Minutes appearance (watch)


Twitchy readers lucky enough to call themselves Generation X (or older) might recall a classic Saturday Night Live character, Nathan Thurm. Thurm was a sleazy, corrupt lawyer played by Martin Short. He always appeared nervous, sweaty, and accompanied by a quivering cigarette when being grilled by Harry Shearer's Mike Wallace on SNL's spoof of 60 Minutes. 


Current U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland seems to have been inspired by Thurm's legendary weaseling when he took to 60 Minutes Sunday night for an interview with Scott Pelley (who is no Mike Wallace; not even Harry Shearer). Garland covered any number of topics, including relating his family's history in the Holocaust to his DOJ's January 6 persecu...erm, prosecutions. Because, sure, those two things are on the same level [eyeroll]. 

But it was this clip that had Twitter truly in an uproar. Watch as Garland tries to pee on America's leg and call it rain by saying that his Justice Department applies the law equally to all Americans.

It's not just that Garland and the administration are lying. We know they do that. It's that they're not even trying to lie well anymore. They don't care, in part because they know that media sycophants like Scott Pelley will not push back even a little bit on a statement as glaringly false as the one Garland just made. 


Of course, it is verifiably false. Ask parents who were labeled 'domestic terrorists' because corrupt school boards asked the Biden administration to do that. Ask the pro-life demonstrators who have been arrested for singing out in front of abortion clinics. Ask Mark Houck, who had the FBI raid his home with more than two dozen agents with automatic weapons and in full tactical gear, terrorizing his family to arrest him for charges that had been dismissed by local law enforcement. And, of course, ask the countless January 6 defendants who have been sentenced to severe prison terms for the crime of trespassing (and in one case, not even being at the protest at the Capitol). 

And then compare that to the protection of Hunter Biden and letting the statute of limitations expire on his most severe transgressions, the protection of Antifa and BLM rioters, the lack of prosecution of those who firebomb crisis pregnancy centers and churches, and more. 

Again, it's not just that it's a lie. It's that Garland is shoving it in our faces because he knows he has the power to do that. 


Hey, that's your fault for not being born a Biden. 

Calvinball rules apply when it comes to the Biden Department of Justice. Don't try to make sense of them. 

We want to laugh too, if it weren't for how Garland is destroying the country (intentionally) with his selective enforcement.

Suffice it to say that no one believes Garland. But let's pay attention to one little tidbit from his propaganda appearance that might have gone unnoticed amid the bigger lie he was telling: 

... We do not have one rule for Republicans and another rule for Democrats. We don't have one rule for foes and another rule for friends ...

Did you catch that? It wasn't too subtle. 


Yes, even as the Biden DOJ denies any partisanship, they also openly admit their partisanship under Merrick Garland.

If that sounds fairly Orwellian to you, then you clearly think for yourself too much and are likely to get a door knock from Garland's FBI. 


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