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WTF Republicans? Pew poll examines ending the Electoral College with some shocking findings


Last week, Pew Research released a poll that had some very dire findings for America's political establishment. In summary, two-thirds of U.S. adults had little to no confidence in the future of our political system, only 16% said they trust the federal government most or all the time (that high?), a full 30% do not trust either political party (that low?), and a majority supported both age and term limits for politicians (finally, some good news). 


Thrown into this poll was a standard question about the Electoral College, long a boogeyman for the left, who have always wanted a popular vote to determine the presidential elections (a.k.a. - mob rule). However, this year, the Pew poll showed a startling result from Republicans on the Electoral College question: 

Nearly half of Republicans? Are you kidding? Hey, Republicans. Here's a quick tip: the word 'Republic' is right there in the party name, in case you forgot (and it sure looks like you have). 

Needless to say, these poll results were music to the ears of some of the most committed leftists: 

This, of course, is mind-bogglingly incorrect, but Elie Mystal knows that. 


Good lord. Hey, Republicans, here is a hint: if Elie Mystal and David Corn are in favor of ending the Electoral College, there is about a 100% chance that it is a horrible idea. 

Granted, Pew polls can often be skewed and we didn't look into the demographics for this particular poll, but still. That number for Republicans is troubling no matter how you slice it. 

Why are any Republicans even entertaining such an awful proposal? 

Nick Searcy is not known for mincing words, in case you didn't know. But he's most likely correct here. 

A little more softly spoken than Mr. Searcy, to be sure, but also correct. 

Put more succinctly: 


You would think that REPUBLICans would get that, wouldn't you? 

But people who actually understand the Constitution probably shouldn't panic just yet. Though it is remarkably disturbing that almost half of Republicans would embrace this idea, it is likely not ever going to happen. Because the founding fathers were amazingly prescient when they wrote electors into the Constitution. As such, the Electoral College is not really subject to the varying whims of the populace. 


And, bingo. There you have it. Good luck getting that many smaller states to vote for their own disenfranchisement. It simply goes to show that the founders were a lot smarter than most people today. 

It's just sad to see how many Republicans look like they need to go back to Constitution school. Or even junior high civics.

* * *

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