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'Nothing to see here': Rep. Comer discovers interesting address on China payments to Hunter Biden


This afternoon, Rep. James Comer, chair of the House Oversight Committee, announced that he has received bank wire records revealing payments from China in the amount of $260,000 to Hunter Biden in 2019. What's more interesting than the proof of payment is the address where those payments were sent. 


Well, well, well. This just gets curiouser and curiouser. In fairness, Hunter Biden did list that address as his home during that period (which doesn't actually mean he lived there). So, naturally paid Democrat shills want to dismiss these payments to Hunter completely. 

Never mind that Hunter is getting a quarter million from Chinese business executives, the same ones he pressured using his father's name, even saying that his dad was in the room. Ed Krassenstein wants you to understand that this is simply the plight of most crack addicts with loving fathers. 


Only problem is, he forgot to consult with the other Krassenstein twin on this one.

So, which is it, Krassentein Duo? Did Hunter live at Joe's house or did he live 3,000 miles away? 

Either way, it seems like if you get enough 'nothingburgers,' they add up to a pretty darn big 'somethingburger.' 

All this talk of burgers aside (it's making us hungry), Twitter seemed certain that the media would give this its due attention and coverage. 

Or not. 


If the media shouts it loudly enough, they'll even start to believe it. No one else will, but they can convince themselves at least. 

Look, there aren't that many jammin' spots in Delaware. The Bidens have to make their own fun. $250K helps with that. 

LOL. Yes, that does seem to be the preferred tactic for distracting from Biden's corruption. Send down another Trump indictment. 


And there it is. That is the $260,000 question in this instance. With all of the money Hunter has received from many foreign nations, agents, and bad actors, what was exchanged in return?

If Comer's committee can start showing all those quid pro quos, even the most willfully blind in the media won't be able to claim 'no evidence' anymore. 


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