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Tulsi Gabbard states the obvious about Trump indictments and leftists can't deal (watch)

AP Photo/Meg Kinnard

Today's Democrat party demands full adherence to the approved narratives or you become a pariah. For this reason, former Democrat House Representative and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard announced in 2022 that she was leaving the party. She still holds many liberal positions, but she also speaks and thinks for herself, and the left just can't have that. 


To wit, on Sunday morning, Gabbard posted a video on Twitter regarding her thoughts about the indictments of former President and current Presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

Well ... yeah. To all of it. 

'Clear eyes and an open mind.' Sounds like pretty good advice. But don't expect much of that from the left, who exploded on Gabbard's common sense video with an avalanche of 'RRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!'

At last count, that user had posted about 867 cringe memes in replies to this single Gabbard video. What does someone have to do to qualify as a spam account on Twitter these days anyway? 

The slander against Gabbard being a 'Russian asset' and 'Putin stooge' (started by Hillary Clinton, who seems to start a lot of false accusations) has never had an ounce of credibility. But of course, that never stops the left. 


We're really not sure how that refutes anything Gabbard said. If the left wants to go with the standard of 'if there is an indictment, that means he's guilty,' we're pretty sure they will come to regret that. 

Ummm, she enlisted in the military, deployed to Iraq and Kuwait, and remains a Lieutenant Colonel in the National Guard to this day. You might want to look up what the word 'quisling' means.

See? No dissent is permitted or you are labeled a 'cult member.' Which, come to think of it, sounds exactly like something someone who actually is in a cult would say. Alinsky 101. 

Pretty sure Gabbard is far better off without the Democrat party than the Democrat party is without her. 

Gabbard did get a fair amount of praise for this video as well, but we wanted to end with one user who shows that you don't have to be in love with Donald Trump to simply be able to see what is going on here and how bad it is. You just have to be rational. 


It really doesn't seem all that difficult to get this. But many refuse to.

Sadly, when people don't get it, the result is what Gabbard said herself, 'What they're really doing is setting the precedent that puts the United States of America not on a high platform of trying to be an example of democracy to the world, but of reducing our great country to none other than a banana republic.'

True words and a good warning.


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