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'Narcissistic sociopath': Tony 'The Science' Fauci takes to MSNBC to congratulate himself


Among the many lessons we learned, or should have learned, during the Covid pandemic (Reminder: It. Is. Over.) is that there is no one who loves Tony Fauci quite so much as ... Tony Fauci. 


This week, Little Lord Fauci went on Mehdi Hasan's MSNBC show to remind America how great he is, in case any of us forgot. 

The smugness on display is revolting: 'Hello?' Ugh. 

The unbridled hubris of this man continues to defy reality and rival that of any Greek myth or tragedy you have ever read. Frankly, we are plain sick of it and sick of him. And we are not alone. We'll let Twitter speak uninterrupted for a little while here:


And it's not only Covid where Fauci fails to acknowledge his own failures (and the fact that he funded the creation of the virus). Since he brought up his 'career,' let's take a look at that career beyond Covid, shall we? 


They aren't the only ones who hate him with a passion.

Don't get us started. The torture Fauci authorized for beagle puppies is monstrous and nauseating. Trapping them with sand flies who were eating them alive, cutting the dogs' vocal cords so no one would have to hear their screams, and for what result? We want to throw up every time we even think about it. 

Returning to Covid though, here is just one example of why Fauci should maybe shut up and stop sniffing his own flatulence with such relish: 

There are countless others as well. Killed by the virus he helped create, or killed by treatments he authorized, or killed by his restriction of other treatments that might have saved them. And, lest we forget, forced to die alone because of the lockdowns that Fauci either initiated or endorsed. 

Like we said, nauseating.

And these were only the tweets we could share. There were plenty of others using a lot more colorful language to express their disgust with Fauci's arrogance in the face of his actual record. We'll let this one sum him up. 


Narcissistic sociopath. Yeah, that tracks. You deserve to go away to prison forever, Tony Fauci, but until we can get that, how about you just go away.


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