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Cenk Uygur pulls out the long knives and a whetstone for Joe Biden


Things are starting to get messy on the Democrat side of the aisle for the 2024 presidential election. Not long ago, anything Joe Biden said or did was treated as sacrosanct by most in the media. And anything he said or did that was cringeworthy and embarrassing (in other words, most things on most days) was quietly swept under the rug. Nothing to see here. Move along. 


Slowly but surely, however, things are starting to change and many on the left are realizing the liability Biden is in their quest to maintain power. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks is the latest to join the Brutus and Cassius crowd, begging in Newsweek for Biden to drop out of the race. 

We'll spare you the click to have to read through this whole article which is replete with cringe ('Trump is a threat to democracy,' blah, blah, blah), not to mention lies ('Trump told people to inject bleach,' blah, blah, blah). The salient point is that Uygur is convinced that Biden would lose to Trump. 

There's almost no chance he's going to win. I've never heard of an incumbent polling under 40 points who went on to win reelection. When it comes to Joe Biden, three in six recent polls had him in the thirties. In one recent poll, President Biden was at an abysmal 32 percent. Sorry, but that's unrecoverable. You're just telling yourself sweet little lies if you think he can win with those numbers.

Uygur went on to indicate that any other Democrat would beat Trump easily. 

President Biden needs to step down immediately and give someone else a chance to do what they will certainly be able to accomplish—trounce Trump in 2024.


Trump's negatives are very real, but given the Democrats current lineup of disastrous alternatives -- Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Pete Buttigieg -- Uygur is probably a little overconfident in his proclamation. 

I'm putting forward a petition asking Joe Biden to drop out of the race, because unlike the President, I actually do believe democracy is on the line. I don't want to go into that fateful election with a hobbled candidate whose chances of winning are so low. Why would we voluntarily make that mistake?

Needless to say, not everyone on the left was ready to hear Uygur's message. 

Yep. Strong, powerful and totally rational arguments from the pronouns and emoji contingent of the Democrat party. 

Meanwhile, Republicans and conservatives were happy to break out the popcorn. 


Look, the 2024 is more than 13 months away. The only thing we're sure of at this stage is that most people who say they're confident that they know what will happen ... almost certainly don't. 

But it sure is interesting (and more than a little bit fun) to see the winds shifting for the S.S. Ridin' With Biden. 


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