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'There, there': Biden administration sets up $5.7 million grant for journos who get trolled online

Townhall Media

Won't someone please think of the journalists? 

There are many professional victim classes in today's society, but perhaps none elicit our laughter (and scorn) as much as those in the Fourth Estate. Journalists -- and we use that word as sarcastically as you think we do -- should be held up as our heroes, America. Don't you know that? Instead, many of us seem to think that they should focus on silly things like getting facts right and not injecting their personal politics into everything they write or report. And maybe not ignore stories that don't fit their narrative. That would help too. 


Well, fear not, journos. The Biden administration is here to help. Yesterday, the Daily Caller reported that the administration has provided a $5.7 million grant to George Washington University to provide therapy to these poor, oppressed, downtrodden reporters. 

The program, called Expert Voices Together, is described in the government grant database as 'a socio-technical system that provides real-time support to experts experiencing online harassment.' The project’s goal is to provide journalists, and eventually other 'experts,' with means of 'monitoring and reporting' alleged abuse, as well as 'personalized assistance with digital safety' and access to 'mental health care specialists' as a form of 'trauma-informed care.'

Do we get blue cheese or ranch with that word salad? 

Of course, the word 'expert' has lost all meaning, by the very actions of the people who call themselves experts. But it becomes even more laughable when that term is applied to journalists. Their expertise seems mostly limited to repeating what the government tells them to repeat

And they're destroying the word 'trauma' too. People calling you out online for bad reporting isn't trauma, it's called accountability. But we get why they hate that word. 


To be fair, there are plenty of older journos who are pretty frail too. 

Hey, yeah. This writer works for Twitchy. How do we get in on this scam?

Even worse, this 'therapy' grant becomes even more offensive if you look at some broader context. 

It's a slap in the face to people who are truly struggling and who have experienced real trauma. We can only surmise that it is intentional. 


Pretty much sums it up, yes. We don't expect any journalists will have to provide actual evidence of 'harassment.' That's not how these programs work. Say you are a victim, and you just are one. Assuming your politics align with the government, that is. 

Oh, speaking of Taylor Lorenz...

People say mean things online about your horrible reporting? That's harassment. You show up at someone's family's house uninvited? That's just darn good shoe leather reporting, people. 

But let's not pile on Tay Tay too much. As we said before, the problem is much bigger than that. The whole profession has become fragile. 


One thing we know about government is that they do take care of their own. 

Only because it is, America. Only because it is. 


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