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Every generation is different and approaches all aspects of life differently, including sexuality. This has always been true. But there is a trend in Generation Z that seems remarkable: a drastic increase in celibacy in a short period of time. Popular account The Rabbit Hole posted a striking graph from The Washington Post and asked Twitter/X for explanations about why nearly 30% of young men and 20% of young women seem to be abstaining from sex:


Some of these responses were pretty funny, like this one: 

For the most part, however, people took the question seriously and offered some possible answers that do not bode well at all. 

All of these explanations seem reasonable, at least worthy of considering. But the last four are very disturbing. There is no question that our current culture devalues family, masculinity, meritocracy, and community. 


And there could be a hormonal factor as well. The drop in testosterone levels in men over the past 20 years is well documented.

Not that abstinence in and of itself is necessarily a bad thing. It really depends on the reasons it is happening. 

Most people seemed to agree that the reasons were not based on making good life choices but instead on conditions that society has created. 


These are all good points. And the impact of eliminating most socialization from society due to Covid shutdowns and lockdowns can't be dismissed either. Again, we're not saying that each of these explanations is absolutely right, but it's difficult to deny that a lot of these conditions do exist in our society. One thing is for sure, it's not sustainable.  

And there's the real problem. Just from a basic anthropological and cultural point of view, it's pretty difficult for a society to continue to thrive when fewer and fewer people are having children and raising families. 

Of course, the cause is just one part of the problem. The question really is, 'what are we going to do about it?' We know that Sen. Chris Murphy has big plans to 'cure' loneliness, but you'll have to forgive us if we don't put any stock in the government being able to do anything except make matters worse. This is the same government, after all, who has spent years and even decades 'solving' poverty, education, racism, terrorism, and drug abuse. 


How's all that going? 


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