Despite the violent threats from Democrats and the savage thuggery that took place in Lansing, Michigan on Tuesday, Teamsters President James Hoffa isn’t toning down the rhetoric; he is stoking it. Yesterday afternoon, after the violent protest, Hoffa compared Governor Snyder’s signing of the Right to Work bill to the bombing of Pearl Harbor (see the video above at 5:07).

Today, the Teamsters pumped up the rhetoric even further, promising that “the past few days of action are only the opening salvo in Michigan’s civil war.

Remember when Democrats and the media claimed to be concerned about supposedly dangerous rhetoric? Not so much anymore, evidently.

Extreme. Divisive. Like, perhaps, tearing down a tent, punching a Fox News contributor in the face and destroying a man’s hot dog stand?

Hoffa is just trying to protect his workers. It’s all about the workers.

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