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That's gonna be a big fat NO: David Frum ROASTED after suggesting Congress deserves a pay raise

Fuzzy Chimp

In 1789, members of Congress were awarded $6 per diem for their service. We like it.

Seriously though, David Frum is correct: The people who presided over the country's descent into crippling debt have, in fact, not had a pay raise since 2009.


Give us a moment to collect our emotions as we mourn our poverty-stricken political paupers.

When adjusted to 2023 dollars, Congress members actually make less money, compared to their predecessors, going all the way back to 1947.

In fact, our poor, poor representatives are making $22,754 fewer dollars now than in 2020 (adjusted for inflation).

Bidenomics. How does it feel?

As you might guess, not many people felt compassion for the government grifter class like David Frum.

Straight to the point. That was the overriding consensus.

It seems like a Babylon Bee article, right?

'Congress proposes pay raises from themselves while vowing to determine who is responsible for inflation.'

It's an amazing coincidence. People earning such a meager salary (well above twice the national average) still somehow manage to become millionaires while serving in Congress.


Sounds great. Now we just have to … pass it … through Congress.


Just one dollar a day is all it takes to rescue a Congress member from extreme poverty …

This is what the greed of the American people has done. Menendez didn't want to take those gold bars. He had to.

It appears it's going to be hard to convince people to feel sorry for people who claim to be confused by fire alarms or believe Guam could be tipped over by too many Marines.


Everyone, reading David Frum's tweet.

Frum has lost the ability to read the room.


Oh, the sacrifices one has to make to spend 30 years in the U.S. Senate.

Yeah … we're gonna dunk anyway. LOL.


Frum has a certain set of skills.

Yep, it's going to be a NO from us.


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