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Ari Drennen from Media Matters gets SCHOOLED after saying homeschooling should be illegal

AP Photo/Wade Payne, File

Media Matters for America (MMFA) writer, Ari Drennen, unleashed a particularly horrible homeschooling hot take.

According to Drennen, who ironically spends a lot of time advocating for various Alphabet Crew freedoms, the government should outlaw the freedom for parents to homeschool their children.


The outrage came after Laura Loomer featured a young girl saying that Biden sniffs children.

This editor is certainly no fan of Laura Loomer's antics or introducing children to politics at too young an age, but … Joe Biden does sniff children and it is gross.

Drennen's real problem with homeschooling however is that parents use homeschooling to teach their children their values and not the ones Ari Drennen wants to push on them.

People were quick to jump in and give Drennen a much-needed education.

Sure, your kids might face abuse at their government school, but at least they'll be force-fed gender identity and sexual orientation propaganda while struggling with math.

Don't you hate when tweets that completely devastate your position accidentally get hidden?



They're so committed to everyone being able to freely express themselves though.

Notice how the people on the Left are screaming about 'saving democracy' in one breath and how to use government to force conformance in the next?

Yeah, we do too.

Makes perfect sense … to a progressive liberal.

LOL. We're pretty sure what Drennen would have to say about that.

They don't have a big problem with fascism. They just want to give it a pretty name and be sure they're the ones calling the shots.

Bigotry against homeschooling parents and their children is regularly accepted, especially in leftist circles. They're portrayed as 'backward', 'weird', lacking social skills, and more … by people who can't tell you what a woman is.


Ha! We know the Left really hates this one, but this is truly what Drennen is advocating for. Read it again:

Too many parents use it to abuse their children, keeping them ignorant and easy to control.

Drennen wasn't talking about physical abuse at all. The 'abuse' is not teaching children leftist dogma ('keeping them ignorant') and making it harder to indoctrinate them when they become adults ('easy to control').

These leftists want to groom your children, from a very young age, to accept their LGBQT-approved training so they can be the ones to control them.

You send your kids to school to learn. They're either going to learn from you, a private school you trust, or Ari Drennen. Your only other option is to drive people like this out of public schools and force them to focus on the core curriculum.

I think we all know the answer. Dictator Drennan and the thought police will make such determinations.

They can't even see it.

It's never been a battle over WHETHER the children are 'indoctrinated'. It's always been a fight over WHO gets to do it.

Parents. That's the answer.


Yep, we wouldn't want little Johnny to grow up 'weird' after all.

The fight for America's children is the battle of our time. Don't let them win.

Even Democrats wouldn't be that dumb. (Pulls fire alarm.)


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