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LOL: AOC uses the universal excuse to justify not buying a union-made car: COVID (watch)

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Margaret Brennan was interviewing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Face the Nation about the ongoing United Auto Workers (UAW) strike when the conversation turned to AOC's vehicle.


The controversial congresswoman owns one of evil Elon's Tesla electric vehicles - a non-union-made vehicle - which should be a mortal sin for a Democratic Socialist and self-proclaimed defender of unions.

AOC's scramble to excuse her heresy was nothing short of mock-worthy.

Surely the lawmaker had a clear explanation for stiffing the union workers …

'We got the Tesla because of the pandemic!'

… Nope. LOL.

Users of the apostate car maker's social media platform tried to unwrap AOC's perplexing justification.

We'll let you work on it yourselves. Her answer to the question is nearly unintelligible, as she seemed genuinely caught off guard to be asked to defend the hypocrisy of her personal choices.

Other Twitter/X users just stared in disbelief.


Hold on now, she mentioned COVID. The rules are that we all have to shut our brains off anytime someone calls 'COVID'.

That's exactly how it came off to many viewers.

'You know, AOC, you talk a big game about supporting unions, but your car wasn't made by union workers … '

'Well, you see … COVID!'


Mechanic: 'This one's going to be expensive, I'm afraid.'

Tesla Owner: 'What is it? Engine? Transmission?'

Mechanic: 'No, nothing like that. Your vehicle needs 3 Pfizer boosters.'

How could we have possibly seen it coming?

Aside from decades of witnessing Democrat hypocrisy, there were no signs.

We remember. The Left lost their minds when the hypocrisy of an illegally parked Tesla-owning AOC was exposed in 2021.

She had been critical of Tesla and Musk but still managed to buy a vehicle from her billionaire nemesis that likely cost somewhere between $46,000 and $59,000.

Over a year ago, AOC claimed to be considering trading in her Tesla. She also used the COVID excuse at the time but explained her odd motivation a bit more clearly.


AOC's story is essentially that she decided to buy a car to travel between New York and DC because of COVID (to avoid methods of travel that required being around other people). She went with the Tesla because it was the only EV option that could make the journey with an acceptable number of charges.

And that brings us to the final stage of this awkward exchange and self-own genius …

When asked why she didn't buy a union-made vehicle, AOC essentially answered that the union-made vehicles weren't good enough to meet her needs, as compared to Elon Musk's Tesla offering.

Ouch. Way to 'help' the union workers, AOC.

Clearly, she just wants to date him.


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