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Trump +10 over Biden: Washington Post rejects latest poll from Washington Post

Fuzzy Chimp

A new poll from the Washington Post and ABC showing Trump with a whopping 10-point lead over Biden is causing waves across political Twitter/X.

The poll was, in fact, so devastating for our octogenarian overlord that WaPo themselves included this hilarious byline in their article announcing the poll:


A finding that shows Trump leading Biden by a wide margin does not match other recent polling, however, suggesting it is an outlier.

Exactly. Every political junkie who has ever drawn breath has ridden the highs and lows of the political 'pollercoaster', but there's no way to view this WaPo/ABC poll as a positive for Joe Biden.

The usual political camps are responding exactly as you might expect.

Left-leaners are calling out the poll as garbage.

After all, 'TRUMP IS INDICTED ON 91 felony counts!!!'

LOL. One message Dems should take away from this poll, and even the closer ones, is that the splatter shot indictment game isn't having the impact they hoped it would.

Team Trump is, predictably, loving the new numbers from WaPo/ABC.


So what are the internals in this amazingly-awesome-totally-trash poll?

Pradheep Shanker, a regular on Twitter/X who is conservative but not a fan of former President Trump … so not a member of either of the two tribes above … did some digging.

There's no way around this point, and it gets worse as we dive deeper.

Even if the numbers are a bit inflated, a sizeable number of voters expressing a preference to dump the old horse … or donkey … in favor of a new one is no less than disastrous for Joe Biden. How do you motivate your base and win independents who don't want your candidate?

The base will have to be motivated by Trump hate, which is not a hard sell to Democrats. How far can that go with independents though?


Did you catch that one? A 'figure on par with other recent polls' shows 56 percent of Americans disapproving of Biden.


Spot on.

Ranting about climate change and chanting 'Bidenomics' isn't going to cut it.

Look at this from the WaPo article:

Biden has spent recent weeks promoting his economic record — 'Bidenomics,' as he calls it — and has cited low unemployment, infrastructure spending and investment in programs to deal with climate change among other indicators as evidence of success. But worries about inflation have persisted and, in the Post-ABC survey, his approval on handling the economy has dropped to 30 percent, the lowest of his presidency.

Overall, roughly 3 in 4 Americans say the economy is not so good or poor, and despite the unemployment rate staying below 4 percent for more than a year, 57 percent rate it negatively. There are even worse ratings of gas or energy prices (87 percent say not so good or poor), which have recently risen again, and food prices (a 91 percent negative rating).

Gas and groceries decide elections, not electric vehicles, wind farms, or pro-abortion policies.


Biden's complete lack of action on border control has been crushing as well. Thanks in part to Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis for highlighting the hypocrisy of sanctuary cities, and the Democrat meltdown in response, the doddering president is only sinking lower.

Asked about Biden’s handling of the immigration situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, 23 percent say they approve while 62 percent say they disapprove. That compares with 28 percent approval and 59 percent disapproval in February.

This is one of the signs within the poll's internals that may be indicative of an outlier.

Among voters under age 35, Trump leads Biden in the new Post-ABC poll by 20 points. Some other recent public polls show Biden winning this group by between six and 18 points. In 2020, Biden won voters under age 35 by double digits.

This would be a massive shift. Is it an outlier, or have younger voters completely flipped after four years of watching an 80-year-old navigate the presidency?

Poll-watching is a nasty hobby.

We can say a few things with confidence …

One, the people who hate this WaPo/ABC poll will absolutely love a poll from the same outfit in the future, and the people who love it will denounce a future WaPo/ABC poll with the heat of a thousand suns.


Two, media clowns dumping on their own poll will never not be funny.

Lastly, this poll is welcome news for Donald Trump, but it is catastrophic for Joe Biden.


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