Congressless Kinzinger is doing what he does best: Whining about Trump on Twitter. The long-time CNN mouthpiece, turned paid CNN mouthpiece, seems to be salivating over the potential for violence in response to the alleged imminent arrest of Donald Trump.

In Kinzinger’s TDS-addled mind, violence that occurs in protest to Trump’s arrest will ‘prove’ that Trump ‘launched’ the violence at the Capitol on January 6.

That’s the level of logic necessary to earn you a seat on the J6 committee and a spot on CNN.

‘If someone shoots up congressional baseball practice, it will prove that Bernie Sanders pushing for universal healthcare launched James Hodgkinson.’

‘If people burn down minority businesses and assault police in protest of George Floyd, it will prove the Democrat Party launched the violence.’

‘If counter protesters assault a Trump supporter next week, it will prove Adam Kinzinger called for violence.’

See how that works?

Clowns gotta clown.

Exactly. A call for violence has to actually call for violence. Morons and thugs choosing to commit violence do so of their own will.

The Democrat Party and the Left, who fill Kinzinger’s mentions these days, actually have told people to ‘take to the streets’, ‘get in their faces’, not let Republicans have peace in public, and ‘punch Nazis’ (which they happen to define as anyone who doesn’t vote Democrat).

Kinzinger’s response to that violence? He basks in their praise on Twitter every time he attacks the right, and goes to work for a network who excuses this kind of violence as ‘fiery but mostly peaceful’.

CNN really is the perfect landing spot for the little fella.

We had violent riots for years from the Left. Minority businesses destroyed, vandalized, and looted. Police officers and precincts assaulted. Federal buildings under siege. Even a takeover of part of a city.

They looked the other way, excused it, and even supported it – to the point of the now Vice President of the United States raising bail money for law-breaking protestors.

Talking about left wing violence doesn’t earn you a paycheck at CNN.


The walls are closing in again. The track record is that they always end up being disappointed.

We’d bet on that outcome again.

He says ‘like and retweet, people who supported BLM riots!’

They really want to establish a narrative that the political base that has been largely peaceful can’t be trusted to ever protest again, while leftist violence is righteous protest.

We’re all better off that a person like Kinzinger is no longer wielding power in the U.S. government.


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